Tips for writing news features

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Covering local events can be an excellent way for writers to help clients maintain relevancy in their current locations and position themselves as a go-to source for important information. The following article will teach you everything you need to know to produce high-quality news features for any organization.

Choose and research relevant stories

The first step in writing exceptional news pieces for clients is to pick topics that overlap with the interests of their target consumers. For example, a business with an audience in New York wouldn’t be concerned with location-specific events in North Dakota. Writers should also find stories relevant to the company’s customers, like sticking to sports-related content for athletic businesses.

Remove your bias from the article

Reliable news content strictly contains factual information that has not been distorted by the creator’s opinions. Incorporating opinions into the piece may confuse and even alienate your client’s readers, so it’s a good idea to stick to a neutral tone when writing news features, unless stated otherwise by your client.

Focus on the event’s key points

A quality news feature doesn’t pad out the article with unnecessary details. You should focus on the main aspects of the story to prevent people from losing interest. It can help to pre-emptively answer any questions a reader may have in the piece, such as listing the date, duration and ticket price of a festival by the end of your post.

Keep the article legible and interesting

Consumers are more likely to lose interest in finishing a news feature if they find it challenging to read through. Taking the time to format an article into easily digestible chunks of text can significantly impact its legibility. Writers must also find ways to get people interested in the piece, like using an eye-catching headline to attract their attention.

Uphold your client’s credibility

An article filled with misinformation can damage your client’s reliability, so it’s crucial to check your content for errors. Accidentally writing the wrong title of an event or festival date will make your client come off as untrustworthy to readers. Fact-checking all information added to a news feature will help prevent mistakes from being published.

Any writer can produce great news features by following the tips listed above. If you wish to earn money from home by creating articles for clients, then we welcome you to apply to work as a writer today at Words of Worth.