What are US writers required to do?

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We’ve had a couple of enquiries for a few more specifics about the work we’re offering to US writers, mainly about how it works for them if they want to earn money writing from home, so here’s a little more information:

Once you apply, the first thing you’ll be asked to do is submit a sample article following a sample assignment. This tells us whether you can follow an assignment, and let’s us see if your writing is suitable. The main points we look for are good US English that we can easily edit, that it passes a plagiarism check and that the piece is structured appropriately for a news piece.

Assuming you do ok at this, you’ll get an email back accepting you. Right now, we have loads of work waiting for US writers so if this were the case right now, then you’d get an immediate real assignment. You can read the assignment, with details including a fixed fee payment per article, and confirm that you want it. Assuming you do accept it, then you submit one piece, await feedback, then continue.

Have a read of the T&Cs with regards payments – for US writers we pay in US dollars via Paypal – and if you want to start earning money writing from home in the USA, then apply now.