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Female writer smiling while on a laptopCan you earn money writing in the United States?

If you want to make your writing pay, try typing ‘earn money writing US’ into Google and see what it turns up; it will present you with all kinds of options. You may see opportunities to write extensively about subjects that you know a lot about. Others may give you free reign over your topic, allowing you to write about whatever you choose. You may even choose to browse Craigslist for a writing gig based in the United states. Whatever you choose, you should be careful to exercise some caution and avoid being exploited.

Content drives the internet, and without it, it would soon grind to a halt. It doesn’t matter if it’s a literary review blog, a home improvement blog that offers tips and tutorials to its visitors, or the site of a USA daily newspaper, they all have to keep pushing forward in order to thrive. It can be tough to top search engine rankings in America, and many successful sites know that content is an invaluable weapon in their armoury.

This goes some way to illustrate the demand for writers in the USA, and some of the dubious practices that surround it. If you’re not careful, you may submit work to a site that just refuses to pay you. Others may pay you for your work, but only after it attracts a certain amount of advertising revenue, through things like Google Adwords. This sounds fair enough, but it could mean that you do not receive any payment for all of hard work for months and is discouraging for those just starting out as a freelance writer.

Earn money writing for Words of Worth

At Words of Worth, we pay our writers a fixed, pre-agreed fee for completed contracts on time, every month. We also offer regular contracts of up to 80 articles every month to members of our team, as well as the resources they need and the support of our in-house editors. In return, we ask that our writers are native English speakers and have great writing skills.

If you want to earn money writing in the US, have a read of our FAQs and see if you have the potential to join us.

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