How to become a freelance writer

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Freelance writing has become a popular way for people to earn supplementary income thanks to the position’s flexibility. Trying to enter the field of freelance content creation can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the industry, so we’ve prepared a guide to help you find your place as an online writer. Anyone can follow these three simple tips to break into the freelancing industry.

Define yourself as a writer

An aspiring freelancer must do some planning before searching for the perfect online position. There is an infinite number of topics to write content for, so you can make job searching easier by clearly defining which industries you feel comfortable entering.

Try to choose subjects you have life experience in when settling on a niche, like picking an industry related to your education. It’s also important to consider the subject’s profitability, and whether you find the niche interesting.

Find writing jobs that cater to your niche

The next step you’ll take is to search for positions that overlap with the industries you’ve listed before. Incorporating niche-related keywords into the search engines you use will help reveal the sites that are relevant to your interests.

If you find an agency looking for new writers to join their team, check their website to see which industries they serve before applying. You should also look at past writer reviews to better understand what the working experience is like for the positions you find.

Be prepared to apply

When applying for a writing position, you may be asked to showcase your writing abilities. Employers can give applicants grammar tests or ask them to create an original work based on the prompt they provide. Some sites may even require a portfolio of previously made content to be submitted.

Brushing up on your grammar and being prepared to create or submit content will help you stay confident throughout your application. Be sure to avoid submitting pieces with poor grammar to increase your credibility as a writer.

Freelance writing is an excellent way for people to earn some extra money on their own terms while honing their skills as a writer. You can use our provided advice to find and apply for positions that suit your preferences. If you’d like to start writing from home today, we encourage you to apply to Words of Worth to become a member of our growing team.