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Writing is such a pleasure to many of us, we happily do it in our spare time for no financial reward. This could mean submitting articles on matters that interest us to magazines and websites, or publishing our own articles on a blog. Whether online in print, there’s a distinct thrill to seeing your words published.

What if you could convert writing into not just a hobby, but something you can make money from? With Words of Worth, we can offer you regular writing work and pay you for it at the same time every month.

Can I really get paid to write articles?

Scams and misinformation on the internet have made many people a little skeptical over whether they can trust companies claiming to pay for writing, so let us put your mind at ease.

At Words of Worth, we have been in business since 2008, and many of our writers have been with us for years. Our testimonials page shows just how much they enjoy writing for us, and many of them say the skills they have developed have served them well in other aspects of their lives.

We pay our American writers in US dollars, and do so securely at the same time every month. No need to chase us for your payment, as you’ll know exactly when to expect it.

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Getting paid is always welcome of course, but perhaps the most advantageous point to writing for Words of Worth is the support and friendliness of our editing team. In an anonymous survey, our writers gave our editors an average score of 4.88 out of 5 for their communication. They love the system we use too, awarding it an impressive average of 4.24 out of 5.

As you write for us, our team will be on hand to provide helpful feedback, remembering that this doesn’t just mean nitpicking over grammatical points (although we do this from time to time!) but highlighting what you’re doing well too.

As we do the legwork for you in terms of finding clients and agreeing briefs, it takes away the hassle experienced by many freelance writers of having to go back and forth before they can even type so much as a word. We’ll send you a clear, agreed brief, and will leave you to do what you do best – write for it!

Flexibility and financial perks of paid article writing

At Words of Worth, some of our writers are on high monthly volumes, while others do as few as 10 per month. Provided you can stay on track, the number of articles you take on is up to you. We won’t force you to work at set times, like office hours, weekends or evenings. We understand that writers appreciate freedom, so you can work when it suits you and, provided you have an internet connection, where it suits you.

It all adds up to a great way to write articles and get paid, so what are you waiting for? Have a go at our application process, and we’ll let you know within 28 days whether you’ve been successful.

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