Make Money from Writing

If you live in the United States, you have several options available that will allow you to earn extra money from the comfort of your own home. Writing is a prime example of this opportunity—you can earn money in your spare time, using nothing but a reliable internet connection, a computer, and your own skills and dedication.

However, not everyone who attempts to make money by writing in the United States will succeed. At the most basic level, you must be able to write well, and have solid spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills. Although a background in a field like journalism is helpful, it is not necessary. If you have the right abilities and are prepared to devote several hours each week to the task, it is perfectly possible to make money from writing to supplement your income.

Many bid sites are hosted in the United States. These websites offer writers an opportunity to promote themselves, and employers often visit to look for freelancers. While these websites present opportunities, they can also be challenging. To begin, while it’s to be expected that any freelancer who wants to register with them should complete an application form and submit a writing sample, some sites take this to the extreme, making the application form extensive and requiring multiple submissions, only to tell applicants they have been unsuccessful.

In addition, when jobs are posted on bid sites, they frequently pay different amounts. As you might expect, the higher-paying opportunities are bid on immediately, and you could find yourself bidding against dozens of other writers for the same assignment. Writers who have been working with the site for some time and who have a thorough understanding of the bidding process, and who have received good reviews from users, may have an “edge” when it comes to obtaining new work.

In addition, there may be many different writing assignments available, but it can be difficult to find one that is a good fit for you. If you are selected to join the site, it is possible that you could log on every day for weeks before an assignment is listed that is in your field of expertise. It is also possible the assignments that are familiar to you do not pay well.

Not only that, but there is a more subtle difficulty that can arise if you are bidding against any of the many freelance writers working in the United States for the same assignment. When competition is fierce, you might be tempted to lower your rates to win the contract. However, some of the bidding sites publish the writers’ earnings, which will make it difficult if not impossible to raise your rates in the future.

This leads to something rather damaging – that writers and other artists tend to undervalue their worth. You must know how much to charge, considering such factors as the time it takes you to complete the project, and how much research is necessary when you are working on a subject that is not one in which you have a great deal of expertise. Knowing what rate you will accept can help you decide what sort of writing you want to do, and what fair compensation is for the subject you are discussing.

Another option for finding work is to network and try to find writing assignments via word of mouth. People who are successful frequently enjoy helping others, so building a good support system will help when you start talking to others and requesting their assistance. However, networking and using social contacts is a difficult and uncertain method of securing work, and may not result in providing a consistent income. If you are introverted and have some difficulty approaching others, especially to ask for a favor, you could become so uncomfortable the effort it is not worth the anxiety it produces. However, there is still another option that will allow you to earn money to supplement your income, and that is writing for our team.

If you enjoy writing and want to turn your interest into a money-making opportunity, contact us at Words of Worth. We can offer you regular monthly contracts of varying lengths, from a few specialized pieces to start with, to potentially over 100 articles if you prove yourself to be reliable. In addition, we offer fixed rates of pay, and ensure that we pay our writers every calendar month for each assignment they complete on time. Our team of in-house editors is always available to support you, and will make certain you are comfortable with the material assigned. They will offer suggestions to help you improve the piece, rather than simply returning it without feedback, giving you the chance to rewrite it and improve your skills.

If you live in the United States and want to earn money writing, apply with Words of Worth today.