Is it possible to make a living freelance writing?

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Many people have found that taking on freelance work as a writer can be a convenient way to earn extra money, especially during challenging financial times. The flexibility, wide range of available niches, and lack of a need to commute can make freelance article writing an appealing alternative to traditional shift work. Is it really possible to become a full-time freelancer? Or is the position too good to be true?

In reality, there are examples of successful freelance writers in the industry who have worked their way up to making a livable monthly income. However, it can be difficult for people to balance growing a freelance business on top of their current obligations. Building your portfolio and reputation will also take time. You’ll typically find that most writers use freelancing to support the income from their primary occupation.

How do I get paid for writing SEO-friendly articles?

If you want to find paid work as an SEO writer, then you may be interested in applying for our freelance writing team at Words of Worth. Freelancers don’t have to compete for work by bidding on our site since we assign available briefs directly to our writers. You won’t need to worry about cold emailing potential clients to find new assignments, either.

Writers can become a freelancer for Words of Worth by submitting a simple application and completing a well-written test article. Let us know your preferred writing niches so we can try to match your skills and interests with our clients. Once you become one of our freelancers, you’ll be able to accept or decline assignments on our website.

Each brief we send to you will contain background information on the client and helpful guidelines for completing the articles. For example, we can make recommendations for what tone to use and provide links to sources that will familiarize you with the brief’s topics. If any aspects of your submission need changing, then our editing team will give helpful feedback that you can learn from. Payments for writers who complete their briefs are sent out at the end of each month.

Freelance writing is a dream job that anyone can pursue so long as they manage their expectations on how much they’ll make and have the needed writing skills to produce excellent content for clients. We at Words of Worth encourage you to submit an application today to join our waiting list.